Innovation needs marketing – and that to the inside


5 steps to get your employees on board for innovations and keep them there Innovation is a top priority in almost every company. And yet many innovation activities fail. To innovate successfully in a company, companies must invest as much energy in the marketing of innovations as in the innovation itself. Just as important as marketing to the customer is marketing to your own employees. […]

Innovation needs marketing – and that to the inside2019-06-28T11:43:19+02:00

Can we stop the swan song on the German economy?


About a year ago, on June 21, 2018, our founder Oliver Bludau warned in the MoreFire Kneipentalk “Does the German middle class oversleep digitalization?” that Germany is about to lose its leading position due to the self-assertion of entrepreneurs and managers as well as an overly positive self-assessment of the economy. In his lectures he does not tire of stressing that it is high noon if we do not slowly wake up and become active. Oliver Bludau now receives support from Ansgar Hinz, Chairman of the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE) at Hannover [...]

Can we stop the swan song on the German economy?2019-04-14T17:12:51+02:00