Oliver Bludau – CEO

is an innovation expert, Harvard alumnus and entrepreneur. He is driven by personal freedom, social independence and lifelong learning. He wants to shape – for himself and others, whose unconditional success is just as important to him as his own. He demands and promotes – emphatically, forcefully, goal-oriented. He is clear, unambiguous, pointed and unmistakable, but also cooperative, collegial and supportive. He tackles where others are still talking. He shapes where others still hesitate. He solves where others are still thinking. Wherever an entrepreneurial challenge arises, he takes on it – with clarity, focus and the goal of mastering it, leaving behind something better, something greater than he has found. He is uncompromising when it comes to the result. He assumes social responsibility, forges functioning and interacting teams and is committed to the highest ethical principles.

Christian Dorn – CMO

is a marketing and sales expert. After studying economics, he and his agencies carried out hundreds of successful projects. He is a serial entrepreneur and a thoroughbred entrepreneur. In addition, he is deeply rooted in the music scene as a publisher of music, which he has already catapulted several times into the charts. Empathetically and sympathetically, he brings people from his network together so that they can benefit from each other. He is especially specialized in the culture of innovation in companies and knows how to establish it with his winning way in every organization. At the Innovators Institute, he assumes responsibility for the training quality of our innovation scouts and ensures that companies receive the best support. His conviction is, that companies alone do not innovate smart enough – therefore he offers his and his team’s competence to support companies pragmatically. And he proves this every day.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lichtenthaler – CIO

is Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the ISM International School of Management in Cologne. He is also a speaker, executive coach and freelance consultant with publications in the MIT Sloan Management Review and the Wall Street Journal. He teaches digital transformation, artificial intelligence, idea and innovation management, and new business models for large corporations and mid-size companies. He earned his doctorate in strategic technology and innovation management and has taught at various universities. Prior to joining ISM, he spent several years as a top management consultant leading projects on digital transformation, idea management and new business models.


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