Idea Mining Journey

18 ideas ♦ 12 employees ♦ 9 months ♦ 6 phases ♦ 3 innovations

This training has the potential to change the future of your organization. Benefit from a combination of personal mentoring, unique idea management software and digital access to the world’s largest brain – the crowd.

Idea Mining Journey

Comprehensive pragmatic and structured innovation training

This training has the potential to change the future of your organization. In 6 phases, you and your employees benefit from a combination of personal mentoring, unique idea management software and digital access to the world’s largest brain – the crowd.

Phase 1

Innovation Workshop

In this training you will learn how to integrate innovation in your company into your daily business, how to involve your employees in the innovation process, how to lead them to entrepreneurial thinking and how to establish an innovation culture.

The result:

» Enthusiasm and commitment among your managers

Phase 2

Idea Generation

Now it’s getting serious! Creativity is required! The questions from the workshop are now formulated in such a way that they are understandable for the crowd on the one hand and goal-oriented for you on the other hand. We publish the questions as campaigns on the idea generation platform

We invite your employees and/or the worldwide crowd to support you with their ideas. Employee ideas are usually in demand for product and process or even business model ideas. The crowd provides cross-business impulses and best practices that pick up on megatrends or social innovations, for example.

» New ideas and impulses for your innovations

Phase 3

Project Setup

Now the practical part of the implementation in the company begins.

We have personal discussions with all departments that have direct contact with the Idea Mining Journey in order to win them over as further supporters. These include HR, marketing for internal and external communications, rights department for privacy and intellectual property, works council and development department among others.

The result:

» Optimal preparation of innovation

Phase 4

Idea Challenge

The ideas received are selected and promoted in your company. Your employees apply to take responsibility for one of the ideas. They explain what ideas they are enthusiastic about, what ideas they would like to develop and why. You in turn recognize hidden talents and decide who you want to promote through the Idea Mining Journey.

The result:

» Training your employees to become innovators

Phase 5

Idea Engineering

With great enthusiasm and with our support, your employees will work on the elaboration of the idea in the form of a value proposition, the definition of the added value, methods of valuation, the creation of a business model and the setting up of a project team and schedule.

The result:

» Further training of your employees to become entrepreneurs

Phase 6

Idea Execution

Your employees create a blueprint to evaluate an idea and an implementation plan. Internal and external experts receive a structured plan to turn one or more ideas into reality, to identify financial needs and to call in experts.

The result:

» An individual “innovation canvas” for every idea.

And that’s what you get out of it:

Don’t hesitate and use our concept for your organization as well.


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